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GroupWise Inc. : The Answer to Your Timeshare Dilemmas

A once source of joy and relaxation has turned into a burden, that is how some people see their timeshares that is no longer useful to them. For some families their lifestyle doesn’t fit anymore with a fixed week unit and the enjoyment of going to the same place every year during the same time of the year has become less appealing. For others maintaining a timeshare during these difficult economic times is just not feasible to maintain there are a lot more things to prioritize. Whatever the reason, sometimes it’s just time to dispose a timeshares, but selling a timeshare is not the best option.

For people who want to be freed from the burdens of having a timeshare that is no longer of any value to them then having someone to help their plea is a must. This is where GroupWise Inc. comes in. Group Wise Inc. is a company that was formed in 1995 by an expert team of resort industry professionals with a goal of providing assistance to timeshare owners who need solutions for their difficult-to-sell or unwanted resort properties. They focus on one thing: acquiring unwanted timeshares. In today’s tough economic times, they offer assistance to resort property owners through a unique program in which their obligations are removed through financially-sound business practices.

The concept of GroupWise Inc. was formed by a talented group of professionals who saw the need for providing real financial solutions to timeshare owners who wanted out of their properties. Their long-running expertise in the industry taught them that many people do not utilize their timeshare or resort property enough to justify paying the costly annual maintenance fees and other costs related to ownership. Consequently, they set out to form a business model that would successfully provide assistance to timeshare owners’ financial obligations.

For 15 years, GroupWise Inc. have provided assistance to timeshare owners who need solutions for their difficult-to-sell or unwanted resort properties, making them one of the top timeshare financial solution companies in the U.S. they have been a trusted source for many timeshare owners by offering common-sense solutions to the many financial issues that arise through these properties. The company also boasts of their excellent costumer service. At GroupWise Inc., their staff makes the difference every day in scores of transactions across the country. All of their employees are experienced, knowledgeable and caring because they understand the financial problems associated with owning an unwanted resort property. Their motto is “Simple, real solutions” because they continually dedicate themselves to providing clients with honest and effective answers to their timeshare issues – answers that benefit everyone from start to finish.

With a company like GroupWise Inc., Individuals with timeshare concerns have someone to turn to. Their unwanted timeshares will no longer serve as a burden to them. GroupWise Inc. make closing and title transfer an easy process, completely relieving their clients of all obligations. For most unwanted timeshare holders having a partner to find the solution to their timeshare dilemmas is equivalent to a sigh of relief.



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Groupwise inc: Making Money With Your Timeshare Investments

Resort Property Ownership can be a wonderful investment, allowing a family, newly-married, retired couple, or even singles to enjoy the resort lifestyle. To learn how to reach us, please visit our www.groupwiseinc.com

Owning timeshares to resorts is one of the best ways to travel. It allows you to stay in superb accommodations at reasonable prices. This is especially good for those who like to travel or have to travel to refresh and recharge. But alas, times are hard and the economic crunch is setting in.
When the money runs out, luxuries should be the first to go. So what do you do with those timeshares that you know you will not be using for the next few years? How do you pay off all those maintenance and utility bills that come along with owning timeshares? Why sell them of course. Here are some important facts you have to know to prepare you before you go out and dispose of your timeshares.
First is that you have to embrace the fact that your timeshares lose their value over time. So do not start thinking that you will be earning back whatever you spent on your investment when you bought it ten years ago. Therefore, you should already shave off thirty to fifty percent off your purchase price and peg this as your selling price. Then you have to subtract a certain amount for your broker’s fee, because he has to earn his commission too. Do not let this hinder you from disposing them however, especially when money is tight. Remember, it is better to be liquid than to be tied down to an investment that you continually have to spend on to maintain.
If you are looking for a quicker way to make money, be prepared to really drop your selling price. People today will not buy something that is too expensive or too luxurious, as they are only looking for essentials right now. But if you can offer them a fair and reasonable price for your timeshares, you might just interest them into buying it from you. Remember, this will also free you from the maintenance bills that you have to pay every month or so on your investment. Sometimes, it is better to just let your timeshares go at a lower price, if it means saving a lot of money in the future when it comes to maintenance fees.
If you are already getting confused and a bit worried about selling your timeshares, it is time to call in the experts. Here is where Groupwise inc. will come in. This company has solid experience in handling timeshares and their disposal. They will come up with a plan to help you liquidate your investment, and fast. They have been in the business for more than fifteen years, so there is really no reason to doubt their expertise. They have so many satisfied customers who can attest to their credibility and trustworthiness. And most of all, they can attest to their effectiveness.
Groupwise Inc. will help you peg your selling price, think up marketing strategies and ultimately dispose your timeshares for you. They also know how to take care of titles and transfers and other issues which laymen like you and I know nothing about. Groupwise Inc. will help you make money with your timeshares. Visit their website at Groupwiseinc.com to find out more about their timeshare disposal plans today.



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Purchasing a Timeshare Wisely

Timeshares are often purchased because people want to have their dream vacations they don’t realize that timeshares have a lot of potential.

The first thing that you have to understand when purchasing timeshares is the resort ratings, if you want to get the most timeshare trading power for the least money do not insist that the resort be rated Gold Crown or 5-Star. People have a misconception regarding resort ratings, a resort rating of Gold Crown or 5-Star has little impact on its exchange power. Lower rated resorts in areas with high demand will trade the same compared to Gold Crown and 5-Star resorts. Gold Crown is the highest award given to resorts, which is given to approx. 10% of RCI’s resorts. It is only given to recognize the resort; it does not affect the likelihood of getting an exchange. The Gold Crown award distinguishes quality, based on the feedbacks from members that have stayed in the resort or hotel. When you have fully understood the concept of resort ratings you can wisely choose a resort from which you want to purchase your timeshare, but that doesn’t stop there. There are still a lot to consider before you make your final decision.

The most important factor in determining trade power of a timeshare property is the location. If you have a timeshare in a popular location more timeshares holders would want to exchange with you. Season is also another factor that you have to consider in your purchase of a timeshare property. If you buy a prime season timeshare, you won’t be restricted as to what time of the year you can request to exchange you can request any time of year for your destination resort. Buying in a resort that has a reasonable maintenance fee is also a smart move.

When buying a timeshare you need not buy an expensive one. Your goal in purchasing a timeshare is always to minimize your cost. You may not even like the timeshare, but if it is located in a hotly-demanded area and you buy inexpensively, it will serve well to trade you into the finest resorts.  When the time comes that you have fully maximized the use of your timeshare and you want to dispose it, one company can help you find a way to dispose your timeshare easily, that company is Groupwise inc.

Groupwise Inc.  specializes in disposing unwanted timeshares. They help clients dispose of their unwanted timeshares in a manner that is hassle free and safe.  Groupwise Inc.   was founded by an expert team of resort industry professionals in 1995. Their goal is to provide assistance to timeshare owners who are having a hard time to dispose their timeshare property. Acquiring unwanted timeshares is the number one priority of this company. Groupwise Inc. helps you get rid of unwanted timeshare properties through business methods that are financially sound.





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Groupwiseinc, Timeshares, how does it work?

Have you experienced being offered a timeshare during one of your vacations in your favourite resort but didn’t understand a word said about timeshare?

Timeshare is a kind of vacation ownership wherein you get to own a vacation property for a number of days in a year, these properties are typically resort condominium units. The term timeshare basically means that a resort property’s ownership is divided for multiple parties who get to “share” that property by having an allotted time for each party to stay in the purchased property. These timeshare accommodations are a higher end of the basic hotel accommodations because the properties have bigger rooms that are more furnished than your typical hotel room.

Timeshare comes in two forms: There’s a fixed week. In a fixed week type of timeshare, property owners have rights to a specific week, which is available to the to the timeshare owner every year or the timeshare property can be swapped through the exchange system for something similar in another part of the world and in another time period. Floating system is the other form of timeshare. Instead of owning a specified week, Timeshare owners get to own a week within a seasonal band of time. Each year the timeshare owner will have to book the specific week that they want but that would be “subject to availability”.

Owning a timeshare can have numerous advantages. One of the most vital aspects of owning a timeshare is having certainty with respect to having a sure vacation place every single year. As long as a timeshare owner pays their maintenance fees regularly they are certain that they can use their property every year. A timeshare’s flexibility is also very enticing. Timeshares can be exchanged for some other resorts through exchange programs; it can also be given as a gift or as heirloom for future heirs and when a person grows tired of their timeshare it can be sold to someone else. When selling a timeshare or you simply wants to dispose of it, you may want the help of Groupwiseinc.com

Groupwise Inc. is a company founded by a team of experts in the resort industry in 1995. The goal of the company is to provide timeshare owners solutions to their difficult to sell or unwanted timeshares. With these goals Groupwise Inc. only focuses on one thing which is acquiring unwanted timeshares. This company specializes in catering the needs of resort property owners who are having difficulties to sell or maintain their timeshares. Groupwise Inc. offers help to resort property owners by providing financial help through their unique program in which their timeshare obligations like maintenance fees etc. are removed through business practices that are financially sound.

Timeshares may be the best deal when having vacations. It may help save up on accommodation fees and can help reduce the amount of preparation during vacations, when acquiring timeshares keep in mind that this is a life time commitment and an investment. Always look for timeshares that is right for your needs.



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At one time or another, you have probably been offered timeshares in a particular property development or resort. At that time, it seemed like a good idea.What is timesharing? This refers to a type of ownership of a resort or vacation property for a particular time period. You share that property with several other owners as well, that is why you can only use that apartment or villa for a few days or weeks in a year. So it comes out cheaper because instead of buying an entire place for yourself, you split the cost with other owners. At the same time, you get to save because you do not need to shell out what you would pay for hotel expenses, because you now have a place of your own. More often than not

However, if you are hardly ever use your timeshares and are draining your wallet paying the utility and maintenance bills for your shared home-away-from-home, it is time to get rid of that extra baggage! But how exactly do you go about this? Groupwise Inc. is a company that has been around for fifteen years. It can help you sell your timeshares, to free you from having to deal with your burdens any longer. They offer solutions, and common sense solutions at that.

In the groupwiseinc.com website, you can fill out a form wherein you will provide your name, email address and contact details. A representative of their firm will contact you regarding your inquiry so that you can get started with getting rid of your timeshares today. Please keep in mind though that this firm is not a reseller or a listing company. Through their unique programs, they will find the perfect solution to your timeshare problem. Please note however that you have to take care of any mortgage payments or obligations before they can help you.

Groupwise Inc. has a team of experts who know what to do with your timeshares. They offer solutions that are simple and uncomplicated. They are ethical, professional and trustworthy. You cannot ask for a better company to help you unload your unwanted timeshares. Because you are dealing with experts in this field, they will be able to point out financial solutions and help execute a plan for you. They will first establish a realistic selling price for your timeshare.

And even if you really enjoy your vacation home, but if you and your family were hit hard by the recession and are looking for ways to get earn more money and get your life back, then the first things that should go are the non-necessities, such as vacation properties and memberships. Because these are sensitive and hard times, it is important that you can turn to someone you can trust to help you unload your timeshares. Groupwiseinc.com is just the firm to help you with that.  http://www.groupwiseinc.com

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If you are affected by the economic crunch (and who isn’t these days?), it is best to start getting smart and getting rid of your timeshare that is draining your budget.

Groupwiseinc.com is one such company that can help you with this. This company has a team of experts that will help you come up with a solution so that you can effectively dispose these unwanted shares. You will not have a hard time getting rid of these shares because their people know exactly what to do with your property and will make recommendations as the pricing and the method in which to dispose of your property.

Rest assured, the firm will only use ethical and financially sound methods. The best way to get acquainted with these methods is to visit their website at Groupwiseinc.com, so that you can consult with one of their timeshare property experts. They will offer easy and simple methods that laymen like you and me can understand. And rest assured, you will not be cheated or scammed by these people. They have been in the industry for over fifteen years, and have gotten nothing but positive praises for the work they have done.

If you have inherited a property or if your spouse has a property and you are not sure about whether or not it is a timeshare, be guided by the following concepts. Timesharing is a kind of ownership wherein a certain property is shared by multiple owners. These properties are typically vacation or resort properties, and are in the form of apartments, apartelles or villas. Each owner is entitled to a certain amount of days or weeks in a year where he/she can use the property.

Because you do not own the property for the duration of the entire year, you only pay for the corresponding share that you own. Therefore, you end up spending less. At the same time, you are assured of a place for your yearly vacation and you do not have to pay hotel prices to be able to use it. Timeshares are a great idea for those who like to travel a lot but don’t get to do it very often, or like to travel in different place where there timeshares can be applied in various countries or affiliated resorts.

If your property falls under this category and you were never able to maximize it, you should not worry any longer as there is a way you can dispose of it. If you are wondering is these types if shares are disposable, the answer is yes, they are. You do not have to get stuck with these shares forever. If you have timeshares or know someone who would like to dispose of theirs, consult with Groupwiseinc.com right away.




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Before selling your timeshare be certain that you no longer need it. Selling a timeshare half heartedly may result in a much greater loss. However, if you are not using your timeshare, it is foolish to hang on to it just to avoid facing and accepting the reality that it will sell at a great loss. When selling your timeshare there are certain things that you have to understand.

The first thing that you have to understand when selling your timeshare is to just accept the fact that timeshares sell for 30 to 50 per cent of what was originally paid. And the loss will be even greater than that by the time commissions and closing costs are deducted from the proceeds of the sale.  But realize that if you hang on to it for another 10 years, your loss will increase significantly of because of the tax and maintenance fees that you still have to pay even if your timeshare is not in use.

When selling your timeshare think like a buyer, because it is the buyer who has your money in their pocket. Buyers think of pretty much only one thing the price. Find out what price at which other sellers are selling units like yours. Then price yours at the bottom of that price range. Buyers pick off the bottom prices of the list, not even a little bit above that. Choose to be the one they pick. Pricing it just a little bit too high to sell will prevent you from all the savings you will have when you sell your timeshare. Letting go of your timeshare means that you are not required to pay maintenance fees or other costs anymore. Another thing that you have to remember is that you have to use a professional licensed company to close your sale. Don’t try to do it yourself. Closing a timeshare sale and getting all the entities involved to responsibly do their part is an arduous process.

But keep in mind that selling timeshares can take a lot of time since there are limited buyers in the market. If you wish to dispose of your timeshare immediately then there is another option for you. You can hire the help of Groupwise inc.

Group Wise Inc.  helps clients find solutions to their resort property obligations in a way that makes sound financial sense. Group Wise Inc.  is a company that was formed in 1995 by an expert team of resort industry professionals with a goal of providing assistance to timeshare owners who need solutions for their difficult-to-sell or unwanted resort properties. At Group Wise Inc., they focus on one thing: acquiring unwanted timeshares. Group Wise Inc. offer assistance to resort property owners through a unique program in which their obligations are removed through financially-sound business practices. Group Wise Inc. ., targets their assistance to resort property owners who are struggling to sell or not using their properties, or is concerned about the mounting maintenance fees and special assessments they continue to accrue.

What we do is help clients find solutions to their resort property obligations in a way that makes sound financial sense.


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